Pasotex( Interior/ Exterior Wall Texture)

Pasotex is the texture compound used to look at the wall an ethnic look. We provide a large variety of textures to give a unique look to your walls.

Pasotex works best when pastucco is applies primarly in order to avoid hair line crack.


To Decorate

One of the main advantages of wall texture is the decorative effect they provide to environments. The different patterns and texture formats combined with the numerous colour choices make textures a great resource for changing the aesthetics of spaces and customizing them to your liking.

For Different Environments.

The texture can be used in countless ways both indoors and out. That’s right! Textures can be applied quietly outdoors and exposed to sun and rain.Textures can also be used alternately, ie on just one wall or all walls of the room, depending on the effect you want to cause.

Do it Yourself

The ability to apply the texture yourself is another big advantage. Anyone can apply wall texture even without technical knowledge. With a simple video lesson, you can roll up your sleeves and start making your texture.

Disguise Imperfection

The texture still has the advantage of masking wall imperfections such as stains, small unevenness, and cracks.

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