Pasoplast( Ready Mix Plaster)

Ready Mix Plaster is a blend of high-quality polymer additives and binders. It is easy to use by simply mixing water at the site and can be easily applied on brick, block and concrete surfaces, which binds effectively to its substrate. Our Ready Mix Plaster can be directly applied in a single coat on concrete, brick or block walls, AAC Blocks and so on., fine graded sand and water-soluble, high-quality polymer additives, in the right proportions.



Time Saving

It comes in pre-mixed. The wormer only requires a small amount of water that is added to the adhesive at the time of use. This will save a lot of time and effort on the construction site as there is no need to wait for different materials to come and mix them up. This will further result in a quick construction procedure, and there will be less wastage of the material because the material is mixed with water in small quantities only.

Lower wastage

It only needs some water, and it is mixed together. The material is ready for use. For the easy application of the adhesive, it is very important to work quickly to apply all the mixed adhesives in the thin layers.

Cost Effective

Yes, the use of the tile adhesive is a cost-effective deal that will also speed up the construction process. Even it results in the reduction of the overhead cost as workers can work more quickly. It will save a lot of time in comparison to the old techniques of construction. The time-consuming process will increase the cost of the procedure. So better to choose tile adhesive to make the process faster.

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