Pasolite(Light Weight Concrete)

Light weight concrete is cement based, normal hardening, low-shrinkage, self-flow concrete used to fill sunken area of a building like toilet and utility. Produced from carefully selected raw materials for consistency of product it only requires addition of water on site. Application can be by means of hand-mix or by automated pumping equipment. The final finish will be smooth, durable and designed to take critical shape as per the mold profile.

Lightweight aggregates used in structural lightweight concrete are typically expanded shale, clay or slate materials that have been fired in a rotary kiln to develop a porous structure. Other products such as air-cooled blast furnace slag are also used.


Low Density

Due to its low density, it helps in the reduction of dead load, increases the progress of building and lowers the handling cost.

Fire Resistant

It has more resitant to fire.

Low Thermal Conductivity

The lightweight concrete has low thermal conductivity. So in extreme climatic conditions, the use of this concrete is advantageous.

Easy to work with

The lightweight product can be easily sawn, cut, drilled or nailed. This makes construction and repair work easier. 

Reduction in Wastage

The adoption of lightweight concrete gives an outlet for industrial wastes such as fly ash, slag, etc, which otherwise create a problem for disposal.

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