Pasocrack(Crack Filler)

Crack Filler is a highly flexible, asbestos-free, high solids filler for major and minor cracks. Used in conjunction with the Plexipave system it can retard the growth of minor cracks (of a non-structural nature).

Crack Filler is a high-performance fibre reinforced crack repair compound available in dry powder of 1kg and 25 kg bags.

Patch repair to skimming damaged and cracked wall plasters, ceilings, joints etc


Improve Appearance

Crack sealing will boost the curb appeal of any residence or business.

Saves Money.

Just like regular oil changes help to keep costs down on vehicle repair, yearly crack sealing will help you save money in the long run. Yearly crack sealing will prevent any existing cracks from growing. Cracks left without sealing will expand year after year, and this will cost more money in the long run as areas left unattended will eventually require costly hot asphalt patchwork and eventually repaving

Prevent Water Penetration

Water penetration is the largest cause of cracks in asphalt. Crack sealing will reduce the amount of water penetration by creating a barrier so that the water can’t seep into the base layers. Cracks that are left without sealing will allow water to erode the base materials, this causes the asphalt to shift which allows more cracks and potholes to form.

Saves Time

Saves time, labour as it comes pre-mixed, requiring only water to be added on site

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